– the average player, the guy #112,500 in the W/L rankings, is square in the 48% percentile (i.e. the median is 48%).
– the most popular W/L % (aka the mode) is 47%.
– if your score is above 56%, you are in the small elite of WoT players (about 2%) who have a strong influence on their team’s peformance. Congratulations!
– if you have 53% or higher, you are among the top 10% of WoT players. Well done!
– 51% – 52% you are the next 10%, and can become even better with time with a bit of effort.
– 46-50%: you are the average representative of server population, over half of the players on the server are contained here.
– 44-45%: you might have just begun playing, this is 75-90th percentile.
– below 44%: 200,000 players are better than you! Do something about it, every win makes you leapfrog hundreds of fellow tankers 🙂

Notice that the player with the lowest score of 35% found at random was 221,XXXth, thereby confirming very well my estimate of 225,000 earlier (as I doubt there are many people below that W/L).


1) 平均勝率は48%
2) 最も人数の多い勝率は47%
3) 勝率56%以上は全体の内 2%の人数
4) 勝率53%以上は全体の内 10%の人数
5) 勝率51~52%は次の10%の人数を占める
6) 勝率46~50%はサーバ全体からみて平均的なプレイヤーとみなせる
7) 勝率44~45%は下から数えて10%から25%の範囲に入る
8) 勝率44%未満はRankingでいうと20万位以下にあたる
9) 見つかった範囲での最低勝率の35%は、Rankingでいうと221,000台にいる




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